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Alelo Pod Alelo Pod
Alelo Pod

What we did

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A new Alelo in a new scenario

It was by offering a full range of services to all its customers that Alelo remained, for 20 years, the largest benefits company in Brazil. Opening the market by connecting people and businesses, it supports the professionalization of companies and impacts the lives of millions of customers on a daily basis.

Twenty years later, there is a different scenario. There is a dynamic market, with new players challenging traditional operators and important changes in the laws that govern benefits in Brazil. With so many service options, simplifying the offer of products has become critical. The path was to integrate Alelo's full portfolio into a family of products designed for those seeking greater agility and simplicity in managing benefits: the od e Tudo duo – Alelo's integrated and flexible benefits solutions.

Everything you want, in one card

The idea starts in 2020 with Alelo Tudo, offering the possibility of concentrating the main benefits requested by companies in a single card, accepted in more than 6 million establishments registered by Alelo.

A transformation in the business model that brought evolution and helped make the company competitive in this new scenario. This movement transformed the behavior of companies, which also started to seek greater flexibility in their employees’ use of benefits. This context, combined with changes in the Workers’ Food Program - PAT rules, paved the way for innovations in Alelo’s portfolio, in its search for even more flexible solutions.

Visual and verbal brand identity Visual and verbal brand identity

A world of possibilities, where you can do much more!

Pod is Alelo's product for those who prioritize flexibility when offering benefits and do not want to give up the security and partnership that only the largest benefits operator in Brazil can offer. Accepted throughout the ELO network, Pod allows the company to customize its benefits and facilitates its use by employees. The name and card design seek to translate the product's innovation. The nomenclature, Pod, evokes the modularity of the product and the user's decision autonomy. Its stylization as an ambigram also mentions, in a humorous way, the many possibilities that the card provides for companies and their teams. Purple and turquoise blue, the supplementary colors of Alelo's traditional palette, translate the simplicity and modernity of the product. An innovative brand that paves the way for a communication full of personality. Can it be used in a restaurant? POD SIM! (Yes, it can!) Can it be used only in drugstores? CLARO QUE POD! (Of course!) Can it customize benefits? SUPER POD! (YES!)

Visual and verbal brand identity Visual and verbal brand identity

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