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How to stay relevant in a new moment?

With the vision of being the biggest and best brewery in the world, Ambev has become a global giant in the beverage sector. But in a world where innovations emerge all the time and with increasingly demanding consumers, it was time to understand the needs of today's society, far beyond beer. The company had already been developing beyond beer initiatives and making heavy investments in technology to offer new services.

We were called to help in this transformation process, building a new ambition for the future that came to consolidate a movement that was already underway. In addition, it was essential to align the new business vision internally and with the capital market to project the future, unite people and motivate the entire chain towards this progress, as well as materialize the company’s purpose in tangible goals, with a defined direction.

We started from the understanding that brands manage to gain relevance when they are guided by the purpose, show the generated value and make it clear which way to get there.

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Listening more than talking, to get valuable insights together.

In a co-creation process with all business areas, we understood the existing entropies and synergies in the company to unite the different focuses of action and the evolution of culture into a single ambition for the future. In the immersion stage, interviews were conducted with Ambev’s executive leadership, groups of employees from different areas, with external stakeholders and an analysis of a series of internal materials and market research that brought valuable insights, but which needed a unique and convergent look.

With the findings, we consolidated the business vision into strategic pillars, initiatives and priorities, unfolding this framework into a narrative to bring unity and generate long-term engagement.

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Project Project

A great ecosystem that drives society

From the purpose of uniting and connecting people, we understood that the company is developing an increasingly consumer-oriented approach. And that to be able to remedy their issues, it is necessary to look at the entire journey. This involves offering other products and services, both for bars and consumers, driven by a strong innovation culture.

The new business ambition consolidates Ambev's vocation to be much more than a company, but an ecosystem of inspiring brands that connect people and make everyone grow together. We also revealed the pillars that help articulate the vision and contain strategic elements that will guide the business initiatives in the coming years.

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