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  • 2024


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Cult Cast – EP. 4: Eduardo Gouveia and his unparalleled career!

In the fourth episode of Cult Cast, the guest is Eduardo Gouveia.

He is a businessman and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board at MAPFRE. His career is strongly linked to financial institutions, having been the CEO of major companies such as Multiplus (now LATAM Pass), Alelo, Livelo, Visanet (now Cielo), among others.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Pernambuco. He completed a postgraduate degree in Finance at IBMEC and an MBA in Business Administration from FGV. He was awarded the prize for one of the top 15 CEOs by Forbes in 2016 while at Alelo and in 2018 at Cielo.

Gouveia is known for making the work environment more pleasant and favorable for those in the company, through his way of handling relationships among employees.

In the episode, he shares many of his own principles that have been part of his entire career and align with the principles of a Cult Brand.

Watch and see the impact of these principles on the culture of the brands that have been part of Gouveia's journey.

This videocast is a production by IN in partnership with ABEDESIGN and produced by Empathy Company.

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01 hour 27 minutes

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